Mazars International Mobility: Jonathan Maglaqui

Mazars International Mobility: Jonathan Maglaqui

At Mazars, we believe that international mobility is a valuable development tool for staff as we capitalise on our diversity and learn to work together across different countries and regions.

Meet Jonathan Maglaqui, a former Associate Director in Audit and Assurance who has recently transferred from Singapore to the Philippines office.

Having spent the past 12 years in Singapore, including five years with the firm, Jonathan is now embarking on a new adventure with Mazars in the Philippines as a Partner. 

Jonathan brings with him nearly 20 years of professional experience and in-depth expertise in both assurance and advisory services. His journey with Mazars in Singapore has been both exciting and challenging, where he gained a wide range of experiences and responsibilities.

Learn more about his international mobility journey and career experience in this video below:

Read the full interview transcript below:

Could you please tell us about yourself?

Hello fellow Mazarians, my name is Jonathan, and I am currently an Associate Director at the Singapore office. I joined Mazars in Singapore in January 2017, so this is my fifth year with the firm. I moved to Singapore in January 2010 (together with my girlfriend that time, who is now my wife) and we have been living here since then. This will be our 12th year in the “tiny red dot”.

And now you are returning to the Philippines as a Partner!

Singapore has been very kind to me and my family. We decided to go back to the Philippines mainly for our children and to be with our respective families.

Tell us about your journey with Mazars.

I would say that my journey with Mazars has been exciting and full of opportunities, but of course not without any challenges. With Mazars in Singapore, I’ve unleashed my leadership qualities and reached my full potential. Being more actively involved in management roles have taught me how I can be part in running the Firm. With my 5-year tenure with Mazars in Singapore, I have also developed new expertise in the financial services and US GAAP engagements, as well participated in Mazars Global’s Transportation & Logistics, Asset Management communities and ISCA’s sub-committee for insurance industry.

What is so special about Mazars?

What I like most about Mazars is the culture. The open communication practiced here, combined with exciting opportunities that allow me to fulfil my aspirations, makes Mazars the smart choice. This includes the opportunity for international exposure which has provided me with enriching global experiences. I also like the integrated Global Partnership structure at Mazars which gives individuals like me motivation to become part of something that you have dedicated your passion to.

What are some of your top tips for candidates and new joiners?

Building a career in audit is not easy but I can say it will be very rewarding. At this early stage of your career, absorb all the knowledge as much as you can, build strong technical skills, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and seek guidance. You are lucky to have very supportive managers and partners who are more than willing to help develop you in your chosen profession. Just a few years down the road, you will realise that you have made a huge leap forward in your finance and business expertise, as well as your communication skills and relationship management.

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With Mazars, international mobility is a reality. We take pride in enabling our people to learn, develop and thrive in a working environment. Our ambition is to recruit high potential individuals; prepare our talent to meet the market’s evolving needs; and offer attractive career opportunities, including international experience.

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